Welcome to MyselfHindu

Myself Hindu is a society created for uniting all the Hindus. It was started with an objective to help imbibe the lost faith in religion and let people know what Hindusism is all about. Hinduism gives you the freedom to live and liberate and thus, we wish people to know that they are here together and every religion aims at uniting people and not diversifying them. The best part about Hinduism is that it gives you the freedom to live by your opinion.


  Our mission is to unite all caste in one religion Hindu

There are around 1.15 billion Hindu adherents across the globe, but the unfortunate truth is that all these people have loss connect with each other. Myself Hindu is a platform to develop Hindu Unity. Hinduism is a broad term, and it encompasses many different castes which have unfortunately divided. As a Hindu NGO, we wish to bring people together and make them understand the essence of Hinduism. We also want to understand the reason people are deflecting from SanatanDharm and make an effort to bring back the same enthusiasm towards our religion.

  To save and help Hindus in religion-related troubles

Despite the fact that India is facing the problem of population growth, there has been a drastic decline in the number of Hindus in India. As compared to 1951, when Hindu population was around 84.1 %, we have only 79.8% of them in 2017. There needs to a be a study, why there has been such a drastic fall in the number and Myself Hindu being a Hindu NGO and the community to solve the atrocities on Hindu is making an effort to figure out the reason and resolve the issues Hindus are facing.

  To Educate Hindus to stop go in another religion

Education is the key to get success in life, it forms the cornerstone of a successful and happy living. Hinduism believes in the growth of every individual and Myself Hindu, a community for Hindus has taken up the challenge to solve the problem of poor literacy rate. We believe that literacy is the only way to overcome the challenges of casteism and other malicious ideologies which are affecting our nation and hampering its growth. Education for all is our prime objective, and we wish to continue working in this direction in the times to come.

  Educate about the Hinduism history and greatness of our pious religion

Hinduism has a history of around 4000 years, being the oldest religion in the world, it has many followers and believers, however, with the passage of time it has been seen that people have deflected from this religion and its ideologies. As a Hindu NGO, we wish to bring people back to their roots and want to make them understand about the vastness and importance of Hinduism and how it can change their life for good. Being a community for Hindus, we wish to make people understand that Hindu Dharm.

  Come together as humans first

Religion gives the identity to human,but the unfortunate truth of the society is that people have started dividing themselves based on religion, though it plays the role of uniting the people. The objective of Myself Hindu is to help people to unite people as human first and religion later. Our aim is to propagate the idea of, “Karma defines Dharma.”

  To help in renovation and create temples in all areas

Our temples are not only a place to worship. Instead, it is a place which aids in the propagation of Hinduism and its importance in life. It is a place where we seek enlightenment, and hence they should look their absolute best. However, it has been seen that people ignore the maintenance of these places. Myself Hindu, a Hindu NGO is working arduously towards improving the conditions of temples, cleaning them and also renovating the ones which have been demolished or need reconstruction.

  Arranging stay at holy shrines

Every year thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit pilgrimages. There are many temples and holy places in India and paying a visit to these is the desire of every Hindu. Myself Hindu wants to show its contribution towards our religion, and hence we envision creating hotels and motels in such places where the pilgrims can easily find a place to rest and relax eventually making their journey hassle free and hassle-free. We feel that as a Hindu NGO it is our moral responsibility to work towards reforming our nation and helping the people of our community.

  Help peoples in pilgrimage

People visiting the pilgrimage face many problems like finding right hotels, knowing about the date of opening of the shrines, booking tickets, etc. We wish to extend our helping hands to the Hindu pilgrims visiting these places. We are working on many such projects like starting a helpline number, providing help during the Amarnathyatra and many such occasion where people don’t know whom to contact how to start off their holy journey.

  To protect Hindus from growing atrocities against them

The atrocities against Hindus is increasing, and with the rise of terrorism which poses a serious threat to Hinduism, it has become important that we should raise our voice and come together as a community to stand for each other. Myself Hindu, a Hindu NGO wishes to bring people together as Hindus and not divided based on caste.

  Remove caste system

The only way to grow in life is to grow as human first. Myself Hindu, a community of Hindus wishes to bring the people together on one platform. Removing casteism is the first step towards creating a healthy society, where everyonecan grow and flourish. We have been working towards creating an equal society where people are known by their deeds and not their caste. Once we can get rid of this malicious cycle of casteism, we can create a happy life for everyone.

  Make some new gaushalas for roadside cows

India is a pastoral nation where Cows have been worshipped as God. But, the unfortunate truth is that they are illegally slaughtered for their meat. It is vital that we should start protecting them and retain their number. As a Hindu NGO, we wish to construct gaushalas for cows where they can find shelter and protection. Being Indian it is our moral responsibility that we should protect cows, feed them and save them from the hands of illegal slaughtering.

  To educate peoples about everybody & different belief and respect them

Unity in Diversity is the beauty of our nation. India is known for being a hub where we find every religion flourishing, but recently we have seen a growing trend where people are being deflected and misguided by wrong preachings. Myself Hindu, a Hindu NGO wishes to educate every individual that every religion teaches only one thing, there is just one GOD, and we should work towards improving our Karma. However, there are some elements in the society who for their benefit are misguiding people based on their religion. It’s time that we should rise above odds and Myself Hindu is taking its step towards transforming the false ideologies of religion that people are bearing in their mind.

  To show the strength of Hindu unity on patriotism to protect our religion from dirty politics

Patriotism has nothing to do with being ethnocentric. It's about showing respect to every religion. Using religion and caste as a tool to gain more votes is age-old tactics used by many political parties but, if we wish to see ourselves and our nation grow and flourish, we should make sure that every individual of this country works towards one goal of unity. Myself Hindu is making sure that we can disseminate the real meaning of Hinduism in the society and not the one which is influenced by politics.

  Help Poor people in education

Education is the mainstay of strong future. As a responsible citizen, we should help those who are weak and cannot afford to go to school. Myself Hindu, a Hindu NGO is working towards creating a platform where the poor can come and learn. We welcome people from all section of the society because education is the right of every individual irrespective of their religion and financial status. If we can educate our youth, we will help in creating a strong society.

  To start regular bhandars to curb hunger

There are thousands of people in India who die out of hunger and many children who remain malnourished. Myself Hindu envisions organizing regular bhandaras for all so that people can get good quality food and no one dies of hunger or malnourishment.

  Donate cow carrying vehicles to gaushalas to protect cows from road accidents

Any society grows when the individual contributes towards its. You can also show your responsibility towards society by contributing whatever is possible from your end. Many cows die on the highway because of the accident, and most of them die because of lack of medical facility and animal carrying vehicles. You can help us by donating cow carrying vehicles to our NGO, and we will use them to save the lives. You can also trace how your donation is being used and where it is being used.

  Skill development in Hindus for empowerment

Skill development is a buzz word nowadays. After the recent initiation from the government of India, there are various companies which have started skill development program in India. The objective behind this is to teach necessary skills to people so that they can earn their livelihood. Myself Hindu, a Hindu NGO has also started off skill development program from Hindus. We envision upskilling every individual especially women so that they are empowered to support themselves and their family. This will also help in solving the problem of unemployment and poverty.

  Women Empowerment

In India we have 45% women population but the tragic reality of today is that many women are still unprivileged, they are not allowed to go to school and denied basic rights. We wish to create an environment of safety for women. Today, the cases of dowry, rape,and molestation have become very common,and thus, there is a need for people to come together and help women get empowered. It can be either by teaching them self-defense or by educating them or by making them self-sustaining, we at Myself Hindu aim at achieving the same.