Cause of MyselfHindu

We are concerned with the betterment and upliftment of the human race; our causes embrace different perspectives encouraging interest among people. We have tried to make an attempt to unite all the Hindus to imbibe the beliefs of Hinduism and help people recollect their lost faith in the religion, which has been faded over a period’s time. We had a mission to help poor people, to improve community life and to solve difficult social problems. These causes are efforts to recognize the importance and seek enlightenment to the Hinduism and educate people of this sacred religion. Although one perspective has never eclipsed the other, the influence of our efforts progressed the reform to reemerge the society and transform to a single religion of unity, brotherhood and respect for all. Social forces are influencing cause in the profession.

Hindu Rastrya

Violence, caste system, poverty etc. are some of the evil practices prevalent in the society and by eradication of these cruel practices, we could reshape our community to strengthen unity and to promote patriotism and love for all. Hinduism is the religion of oneness, providing a platform to grow and flourish as a kind and best human being prepared to serve for those in needs. We want to reshape and remodel community and eradicate the evil practices that would cause the human to regain its original strength and cause the Hinduism, sacred religion to grow and diversify concerning all major social issues to overcome inequality and coming triumphant as a whole.