Hinduism has a strong history and is the oldest religion in the world. There are many beliefs which surround Hinduism like the creation of world and Gods. As per Hinduism, there is one supreme power called as GOD.

  • G - “Generator” It is the Generator or the creator. The one who creates the world.
  • O - “Operator” The Operator. The one who preserves the thing and is the driving force of how the things work in the world.
  • D -“Destroyer” The Destroyer. The one who has the power to destroyer.

The Hindu mythology mention Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh as the super power.

Brahma- The Generator or the Creator

Vishnu- The Operator

Mahesh- The Destroyer


Temples have a long history in India. They are not only a place to worship but also represent the Indian history and culture. It is a legacy which is passed on from one generation to another. It’s a symbolic house and body of God. The structure is developed to bring humans and God together. Temple is a place where people express them beliefs and ideas. It incorporates all the elements of Hindu cosmos.